Fishing refuge area network expanded

An Agreement published yesterday in the Official Gazette of the Federation expands the network of fishing refuge zones off the eastern coast of Baja California Sur, in the marine corridor from San Cosme to Punta Coyote.

The Agreement modifies the 11 Fishing Refuge Zone Network, established in 2012 to be made up of 12 zones, of which 11 zones are in the category of Temporary Total Zones. This classification implies that no commercial, training, promotion or domestic consumption activity may be carried out on any aquatic flora or fauna species, and the sport-recreational fishing is only allowed in the “capture and release” mode.

In addition, the Agreement extends the area of ​​the so called zone “San Marcial” and adds a new area called “La Brecha” under the category of Temporary Partial Zone. Here only commercial, recreational sports or domestic consumption activities may be carried out on one or several species of aquatic flora and fauna, during a defined period of time and only through the use of highly specific fishing gear or highly selective methods.

The Fishing Refuge Zone Network originally comprised a total area of ​​1,409 hectares while with the modifications made, its total area was extended to 6,966 hectares. This increase was proposed directly by the fishermen themselves and their communities, who over the course of five years have observed and verified the positive effects of the establishment of the fishing refuge zones, participating actively in their supervision and assessment and, making an investment in the future of the fisheries, considering that the zones act as a biological savings account, in benefit of the next generations.

According to the scientific evidence presented, among the positive results observed to date include:

Half of the species of fishing interest have increased in size and average weight;
The richness, diversity and biomass of organisms have a tendency to increase;
The number of recorded species has increased;
The volume of capture of marine scale species has increased in the fishing zones surrounding the fishing refuge zones.

With the publication of this Agreement, which enters into force today, the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (CONAPESCA) reinforces its commitment to use new tools in the management of fisheries, to contribute to the conservation and responsible use of fishery resources in the benefit of society, allowing the communities themselves to participate actively in the responsible management of these resources.

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