Want to rate Utah’s fishing holes? Now you can

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has launched a new website that offers an in-depth, interactive fishing map.

While the division has provided online fishing reports for nearly 20 years, this interactive map, which can be found at https://dwrapps.utah.gov/fishing/fStart will provide more details and will allow users to find a place to fish near their current location. It also gives the public a chance to rate waters based on their recent fishing trips. The public feedback will help the division improve the management of the state’s fisheries.

Along with allowing anglers to rate bodies of water, the new page was designed to be a one-stop shop for anyone going fishing. It includes updated forecasts of fishing conditions from the division, details on what types of fish are at each body of water, specific directions to each fishing hole, stocking reports, fishing regulations and the amenities in each area.

“This new fishing map caters to the fact that anglers are diverse, and not all anglers want the same fishing experience,” Randy Oplinger, the division’s sportfish coordinator, said in a statement. “Our concern is that some anglers are turned off from fishing when they go to a water and find an experience that doesn’t match their expectations. The new page provides a lot more information about the waterbodies. Hopefully, anglers can use it to better find waters that provide the fishing experience they’re looking for.”

The new fishing web page is also mobile friendly, so it provides a better user experience on smartphones. There is also a new alert feature that informs anglers of important updates like access and ice conditions in an area.

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